The Top Ten Worst Video Game Movies

Video recreation movies are always in call for by enthusiasts, however they may be hard to create due to the specific settings and characters. These ten video game movies are taken into consideration the worst of all time. The movies have flat characters, don’t keep on with the storylines of the video games, have ridiculously campy scenes, and feature terrible, unrealistic costumes, even with the aid of gaming requirements. Some of those movies warfare to create a story that was never there; others destroy an easy-to-make film with poor acting, negative surroundings, and ridiculous changes to the characters For more detail Please visit

“DOA: Dead or Alive”

Released in 2006, “DOA: Dead or Alive” became a film that had high expectancies surrounding it. The online game gives seashore scenes, ladies combating in skimpy tools, and acrobatics that push the human shape. It’s an exciting recreation to play, so target market participants concept it might be an exciting film. Unfortunately, the film targeted on revealing clothes and random scenes that didn’t seem to have a cause for being in the movie at all.

“Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”

In 2010, a famous video game, “Prince of Persia,” changed into transformed right into a film. The video game has a man or woman who manipulates time to get what he needs, but the film does not get up to the assignment. A British actor plays the Persian individual, which became a prime fault that fanatics did not respect. The movie is harder to follow than it have to be, and the campy lines and extremely flat humor make it even worse.


“BloodRayne” might have been a exquisite movie, in particular with the vampire-primarily based theme and sci-fi competencies of the characters. However, the 2005 movie is campy and unconvincing to audiences, that’s notable considering that the 2000s produced such a lot of famous vampire films. The simplest saving grace of this film is that actress Kristanna Loken absolutely suits, and appears, the part.


Released in 2005, “Doom” failed to convert the game into an onscreen masterpiece. The sport revolves round a violent war with demons, big guns, and lots of action. The film would not do quite as nicely, since it does not persist with the storyline of the sport, puzzling the audience. The movie is hard to comply with, or even the addition of The Rock doesn’t help.

“Wing Commander”

In 1999, “Wing Commander” become released in theaters. There were hopes that it would be famous, because the game changed into well known. The recreation turned into very outstanding within the mid-90s, and it even had in-sport pictures with Hollywood stars like Mark Hamill and Malcolm McDowell. The movie fails for some reasons, which include the reality that the administrators don’t use the original actors. The intergalactic cat-humans that the characters fight in the game do not arrive until the quit scenes, making this movie a large number.

“Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li”

The “Street Fighter” franchise is widely recognized to most of the people who love video video games. In this particular game, avenue-combating characters participate in a match with unique contestants, that’s a simple premise that appears difficult to mess up. Sadly, the movie is based on gunfights, which is strange because the online game hardly ever, if ever, makes use of guns. For many enthusiasts, this completely ruins the movie.

“House of the Dead”

The 2003 launch of “House of the Dead” changed into unexpected, because the unique sport turned into simplest an arcade sport. It by no means had a whole lot of a tale, so the movie struggles to create a storyline. There are plenty of zombies and weapons, but the film would not have lots going for it.

“Double Dragon”

The first fundamental preventing sport, “Double Dragon,” should had been easy to make into a film. It is gritty and violent and has pretty simple costumes which can be hard to get incorrect. However, they had been incorrect, and the 1994 film seems ridiculous. The characters are nearly comical, that is absolutely misguided.

“Mortal Kombat: Annihilation”

Released in 1997, “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation” was the second one movie in the franchise. The original, launched in 1995, changed into a success, so there have been high expectations about the second one. The movie drags on for 90-5 minutes, follows a thin storyline, has cheap-looking costumes in evaluation to the primary film, and in fact makes the first movie look practical.

“Alone in the Dark”

The video game “Alone in the Dark” is a survival horror game. It’s one of the first of its kind, and is a fairly quirky story of a man who is making an attempt to escape from a haunted mansion. The 2005 movie is taken into consideration to be one of the worst reviewed of all time. It has flat conversation, is dull, and would not stick to the tale of the video game.

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