Being Emotionally Intelligent

Our natural state of being, as one with Soul, is a harmonious state of Love, in which the handiest feelings are of continuous peace and bliss. Therefore if we’re feeling any feeling aside from peace and bliss, we’ve got out of balance somewhere. This is because of our conditioned and defective questioning, which emerges as tolerations, needs and proscribing beliefs. Using our Emotional Intelligence equips us to perceive the message that Soul is sending us thru those dealing with loneliness emotions, so we are able to rectify our thinking and consequently flow usually towards Love.

Being Emotionally Intelligent is my potential to consciously realise my own emotional States of Being. Being ‘Emotional’ method that I am privy to the sensation that is my emotional state of being. Being ‘Intelligent’ manner I even have a rational information or logical know-how of the situation, occurrence and circumstances that I am presently experiencing. I am Intelligent once I can consciously rationalise what’s happening in my truth. I am Emotional after I can experience the notice of my active kingdom of being – my emotional electricity.

Emotional Intelligence loses clarity once I confuse ‘being emotional’ with ‘being irrational’. When I am reading poor states of being that motive me to sub-consciously react, I am mastering about my own irrational behaviour that is with out emotional intelligence. I am reading ‘irrational intelligence’.

Being emotional isn’t always reacting irrationally; it’s far being consciously-aware of my emotional nation of being. I by no means react emotionally because with emotional intelligence I am continually capable of reply intelligently. Negative emotional states of being are irrational due to the fact a rationally shrewd man or woman who is emotionally conscious (shrewd) would by no means pick out to revel in them. Understanding irrational behaviour does require emotional intelligence but it isn’t the definition of Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional States of Being

Emotional ‘States of Being’ require definition earlier than I can understand them intelligently. When I define an emotional country of being, I deliver it definition, it turns into a definite emotion, and I grow to be consciously-aware of its life.
It is my conscious-cognizance of the precise nature of my emotions that permits me to be emotionally clever.

An ‘Emotional’ character is aware about their feelings as special emotions.

An ‘Emotionally Intelligent’ individual is capable of consciously call (outline) their emotional country of being and create it at will, if and once they so pick out.By intelligently defining an emotion, I become each emotionally aware about the sensation and rationally aware of its definition. I can’t experience a specific emotion unless I can name it adjectively. In the absence of naming an emotion, it will continue to be either a high-quality or a terrible experience, dependent on the beliefs that I keep in my sub-aware.

I define an emotion (emotional nation of being) with an adjective, which is a describing phrase. Any adjective that describes my emotions or my emotional nation of being is an emotion.Without an adjective to explain it, an emotion is only a feeling that I do not simply understand.

The Potential of my Emotional Energy

Emotion is an lively country of being that I am experiencing. All styles of electricity have a force, a magnitude and a capability. Emotions are not any special. The ability of any electricity is realised whilst the pressure and significance of that strength unite.

Electrical energy has a force called ‘volts’, a magnitude called ‘amps’ and a ability known as ‘watts’. They are all named after the person that first defined them. Emotional electricity is extra complicated due to the fact not only is its capability divided via pressure and magnitude however its pressure is divided through polarity and its importance is divided by using gender.

The polarity of my feelings is both fantastic or bad and the gender of my strength is both male or woman. (Anger & satisfaction are male whereas meekness & humility are girl. However, Impatience and intolerance are commonly seen as negative and staying power and tolerance as high quality).

The degree, to which my emotional energy is unbalanced, by way of being divided by using both polarity or gender or both, determines the depth of the emotion that I am feeling. The extra is the imbalance the more is the depth of the emotional feeling. The intensity of my emotional country of being is the fabricated from both the gender and the polarity of the emotional power.

Emotional Intelligence requires now not handiest the definition of my emotional state of being but the expertise of its potential for my Life.

Understanding the ability of my emotional energy requires me to be consciously-privy to:
o Its force and value
o Its gender, polarity and intensity
o Its definition or Adjectivity
o The sponsoring thought or mind which are developing the emotion.
The Ultimate Potential of my Emotional Energy is the Pure Feeling of Love that emanates from my Soul.

Life is an emotional experience

My Emotional Intelligence calls for extra than my capacity to manage my irrational behaviour. It calls for the ability to recognize my emotional stories intelligently.The cause of my irrational behaviour is my lack of emotional intelligence. I react irrationally with what is on occasion confusingly referred to as an emotional response.

I respond with advantageous emotion as soon as I reap the intelligence and information to accomplish that. My symptoms of irrational behaviour are created by means of my lack of rational intelligence. Extreme irrational behaviour as a result of a loss of rational capability may be recognized as a intellectual contamination through a rational man or woman who has no emotional intelligence.

Diagnosing emotional disorder or disorder requires emotional intelligence now not rational intelligence, which might be why illness is typically recognized as both physical or mental and now not emotional. In the absence of emotional intelligence, my lifestyles have become an unemotional experience as a rationally wise man.

In a dualistic global, the greater rationally clever I emerge as the greater contained, disconnected and emotionally unintelligent I am. It is my revel in that the more I rationalise my world with tolerance and staying power the much less I react with the frustration of my anger and intolerance. However, with emotional intelligence I consciously pick out to be ‘Accepting’ in place of tolerant and ‘Allowing’ rather than affected person. I no longer select to be a tolerant patient who’s patiently tolerating Life.

I am now accepting Life as an emotional revel in because I am getting to know to be emotionally wise enough to allow it to be so.

The True Test of Emotional Intelligence

The actual check of my Emotional Intelligence is whether I can be Happy & Well due to my conscious choice to be so. It is simplest my emotional lack of knowledge that is depriving me of the happiness and nicely-being this is my real nature.
Happiness is an emotional feeling. How can a rational man be glad in a kingdom of being disconnected and unemotional? Well-being is an emotional feeling. How can I experience properly in a society that medicates bodily and intellectual infection without one iota of emotional intelligence?

Having compassion for different humans would not suggest anything unless I have described the compassion that I am feeling. Defining compassion as: “Wanting to relieve the struggling of others”, is a rationally shrewd definition of a physical desire not the definition of an emotional feeling.

It is my loss of emotional intelligence that disconnects me from my real emotional nature. A logical international has become an unemotional international that is devoid of actual Happiness & Well-being and is complete of sadness and sickness. We have misplaced our connection to our real Wealth and our actual Health while, as a society, we’re disconnected from our Emotional Intelligence.

In an emotionally smart society, the best irrational behaviour is to be unemotional and intellectually challenged through one’s own emotional reviews. The venture of a brand new society is for men to grow to be emotionally-rational and for ladies to end up rationally-emotional and for each to remember that there’s no difference between the two. The warfare of the Sexes will then be declared as over.

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